Decking Construction

Decking Construction

Installing a deck is not a difficult task in a flat garden if you have good tools and DIY experience. But if you want top quality results or your garden has several levels then it is always a good idea to get a professional decking installer in. An experienced installer will have the skills and experience that you need to give you a top quality finish.

Choosing a Company

Selecting the company to install your new deck is a big decision. If you get it wrong you might end up with a badly put together deck made from poor quality materials that you do not use. If you want to avoid this situation, remember to use a company that is a member of the Timber Decking Association. This is a trade body that certifies that a company meets high standards for its products and workmanship.

Design Services

Before you can build a deck you need to have a design to work to. The decking company will normally send out a design expert to your property to discuss your needs. This will allow them to produce an accurate quote for the materials and estimate the time to build the deck. They should aslo be able to provide you with detailed drawings to help you visualise how your decking will look.

It is important to discuss your requirements with the designer to ensure that you get the deck that you want for your property. For more complex designs, you might wish to take professional advice on the best way to achieve what you want. At this time you will also need to discuss what materials to use for your new deck.

You also need to choose the type of wood you wish to use for your deck. Options include normal softwoods, more expensive hardwoods, composite and high performance wood like Accoya.


Once the design is complete and you accept the quote for the work, then the decking company can arrange to attend your site and start the build. The first stage of this is to prepare the area where they will install the deck.

They will start by clearing any plants from the area to create a space for the deck. You may need a skip or some other means to dispose of any waste that they move. Once the area is clear, then the supports can be put into position and weed control fabric laid to prevent any plants growing back. A layer of gravel on top of the weed control fabric will help to keep your deck weed-free.

The Frame

The next stage is to build the frame. This is a softwood construction that supports the deck, so will have regular support beams and cross-beams to take the load. The installer will screw the frame together for strength and it will lie on top of the supports.

The Deck

Once the frame is complete, then the installer will lay the decking boards on top of it. Screws will hold the boards in place and the installer will use a spacer to make sure the boards have even gaps in-between. Once the boards are in-place, then the installer will be able to assemble any accessories or design features that you specified.

Finishing Touches

After assembly is complete, the installer will stain your deck to give it protection from the elements. The stain will enhance the colour of your deck and help to keep it in top condition for years to come. Don’t forget the rest of your garden, a lovely deck on top of wet soil will never look that good and it will get dirty and slippy quickly. If you don’t have the time and money to overhaul your garden then just invest in some quality lawn seed. This is a cheap and effective way to deal with bare ground and it doesn’t take much work.

A professional decking company can help you to choose the most suitable materials for your new deck and have the skills to give you a top quality finished product.